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When to use $query->fetchAll() (hint: it's optional)

Something that has come up on one of our projects recently is when to use fetchAll() or equivalents like fetchAllAssoc().

Block and Unpublish - Drupal Contrib Module

New Module: Block and Unpublish

As an agency we get to work on a wide range of projects, each with its own requirements for solutions and features. On occasion we find ourselves working on something that could work as a standalone module and solve common Drupal issues.

Drupal Community Contribution

How we contribute to the Drupal community

Recently we have found many of our prospective clients asking us “How are you involved in the Drupal.org community and what do you give back?” which we think is a great question, because it means not only do our clients understand the importance of community contribution, but it means they’re al

Drupal Word Wall Module

Introducing TTR Configurable Widget

Microserve is proud to announce the submission of another Drupal contrib module – TTR Configurable Widget.

Microserve - Drupal specific agency

Do a few things well! Why we only do Drupal.

It's very difficult as a small web agency to turn down work, and 5 years ago we found ourselves in a position of trying to be everything for all people in order to not turn down work. It was exhausting!

Microserve Drupal Training Day

Drupal Training Day - June 14th - Summary

Around 20 employees stepped away from their work duties to attend the Drupal Global Training Day event on Friday 14th June hosted by Microserve at Armanda House, Bristol.

Extended block visibility, options on block admin form

Module: Extended block visibility

As a purely Drupal development agency, we are always looking for ways to improve our experience with Drupal.

One of the most common scenarios we experience is getting developers to keep track of block settings during deployment.

Drupal 8 and Symfony

Drupal 8, Symfony and Frameworks

Having recently started working with Drupal in module development and published my first public Module, my interests have gravitated around the next version of Drupal (v8) and what it holds in store.

How to become a Drupal Ninja!

Drupal Global Training Day - Bristol, UK - June 14th

Microserve are proud to announce we will be hosting a Drupal Global Training Day at Armada House, Baldwin Street, Bristol on the 14th June. The day is aimed at people who have experience in web design and/or other CMS's, but would like to be introduced to Drupal.

Drupal Checklist

Going live! A Drupal checklist

So you're launching a new website or replacing an old one and want to make sure everything goes smoothly? This guide will give you a run-down of everything you can check to avoid common pitfalls!