Drupal Training

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Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.

Learn Drupal quickly and easily while working with like-minded developers or attending formal courses.

Peer Reviews
A quick check can prevent future trouble, ensure your code is problem free

Skill Swap
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As Drupal works quite differently from other Content Management Systems on the market, there can be a learning curve to understand its true potential. Provided your development skills in PHP are of a suitable competency, fully understanding how Drupal works and how you can use it to its maximum potential can be done in an informal learning environment. Working with the Microserve development team to write code for actual applications rather than learning in a classroom environment will help you pick up Drupal and start applying your knowledge within a few hours.

End user training

Off site or on site, we offer end user training in the use of Drupal and managing content, pitched at a level that is easily understood by non-technical users.

Developer training

We can carry out tailored presentations for individuals or your team, either at your place of business or at our central Bristol office. Whether you need specialised training on a particular Drupal module, or a general overview on the latest trends, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Skill swap

Learning new skills and keeping up to speed with new developments in the market can be a time consuming task, especially when you're still learning Drupal and working on projects. The team at Microserve ensure that they stay abreast of new developments and industry trend. Through in-office presentations, we share this knowledge between our developers in order to remain up-to-date with the latest Drupal developments and breakthroughs. We'll let you know through our blog when exciting new developments come up so follow us there.